Ahoy Shibes, in recognition of the fact that devs are usually good at coding but frequently bad at talking, we’re going to have a shot at maintaining a fortnightly dev-blog for the Dogecoin work going on at the foundation. Not entirely sure if the format will remain the same as we go but it’s a start!

Here’s an overview of the last 2 weeks:

Libdogecoin - Low level C library for building Dogecoin systems


  • Enhanced SPV node and wallet capabilities since 0.1.2, with focus on Radiodoge for 0.1.3.
  • Added modified scrypt implementation and improved shared linking.
  • Validation: [wip] adds checks for initial header download.
  • Introduced TPM2 support on Windows.
  • Added wallet address registration for RadioDoge.
  • Added SPV functionalities (UTXO Retrieve, Address Scanning, Balance) for RadioDoge hub operation.
  • Initial integration of Openenclave to enhance security through enclaves. Work continues on command line tools.
  • Added support for Android merged for Alam.
  • Working on QEMU support in Continuous Integration for Alam.
  • Merged PRs for exposing key utilities and adding address features for GigaWallet.

RadioDoge - Expanding Dogecoin to the unbanked via LoRaWAN, HF & Starlink

  • “Hub to Node” (end user segment) phase 1 complete.
  • Future: Meshing and relaying via end nodes.
  • Future: Requestable long-hop to transact strictly radio-only (no internet/starlink preference per transaction)
  • Win32 side is C# console and C++ DLL that talks to libdogecoin c dll.
  • Linux side is serial interface executable/daemon that talks to libdogecoin arm64 lib .a, works on handheld battery powered RockChip (or RPi) ARM SBC.
  • Full solar portable node build-out tested and working. TXNs with no grid power or local internet performed.
  • Integration of address register/unregister complete (and working)
  • User suite for demo (menu system) integrated, talking to win32 hub machine; demo harness can operate as hub.
  • Mid-distance tests “around the neighborhood” with a blind install successful.
  • Future: Long distance last-mile tests have been delayed by dangerous weather at tower site.
  • Tests with never-seen addresses registering to a hub complete
  • “Scan and Beacon” RF side implemented. Hubs advertise themselves and their addresses, nodes can choose one in range to register with.
  • Ping/ack test messages to make sure an end user can transact with a given hub before reg.
  • Heltec dongle v2 and v3 LoRa firmware updated to work with beaconing. (Beacon messages displayed on dongle OLED as well as SBC, so “pocket scanning” is supported)
  • Win32 (hub) and ARM linux (node) beta 01 builds complete along with libdogecoin dll.
  • Radio doge demo video recorded. (Still needs editing, screenshots OK.)
  • Repo will be exposed after some cleanup and moving “integrate-dev” branch to a beta 01 branch.

GigaWallet - The backend for your Dogecoin Business


  • Working chain-tracker system monitoring core events
  • Outgoing payment & payout APIs
  • Payment tracking & Invoice tracking (webhook events)
  • Documentation started: https://gigawallet.dogecoin.org
  • Currently integrating with shibeship.com as a working example
  • Tagging release this week.
  • Video demo outlining API use coming this week.

As always we hope these developments help you to get the most out of Dogecoin and help the community to build fantastic new products and projects ontop of Dogecoin!

This dev blog update was written by Ed, Tim & Michi