Nine months ago we set about building a community group to overhaul the old website, and create a team who could collectively work on any future websites for Dogecoin.

After putting out the call for volunteers on Reddit and Twitter we gathered a group of around 20 Shibes with a wide variety of talents: from writing and translation, to HTML, CSS and graphic design.

Since then the team, beginning with developed a system for publishing, translating and maintaining websites for the Dogecoin community. The next step was to apply that system to a full re-design of the site.

Dogecoin Website

Today we would love to welcome community feedback on the preview of the new website, which you can see at

The translations are not all in place yet and there are some minor mobile issues, however we’re excited to get this out as a preview for a two week period to let folk have a read through the “Dogepedia” articles, make suggestions via the GitHub issues system or even get involved.

If you’re keen to be part of the website team reach out to Paulo (Inevitable360) for an invitation to the Discord server and the GitHub project. You will need to work with git and markdown however we’ve got some great community members who are available to help explain the process.

A huge shout-out to all the people who have made this possible:

CB, Belle, Bluezr, Ella, Florian, Ishan, Sam, Michi, Misha, Paulo, Richard, Tim, Florian, Mishaboar, Dogememegirl, Adi, Doge Norway, Doge France, Bobdos, BeanieFi, Claudiu05, CresentOdyssey, Dogespacewizard, Emon, Horizon, Lars, Mademeday, Memetaverse, Rasoul, Yamazaki .. and anyone else we’ve missed! Thank you!

– The Web Team

PS: You might be wondering where the developer focused content is, links to GitHub, how to get involved etc.. we’ve actually secured the domain and will be looking at how we can best use that as a ‘Dogecoin Developer Portal’ to accompany as the ‘Dogecoin User Portal’.