Project: GigaWallet

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GigaWallet, an enterprise-ready dogecoin service for your platform.

As we’ve mentioned in the Prologue, we believe that utility comes from adoption and adoption comes from utility, it’s a feedback loop that is on the slow path right now due to friction around platform adoption.

Many of the initiatives in this trailmap are focused on decreasing the cycle-time for development, and smoothing the path for developers looking to integrate Dogecoin into their platforms.

One key hurdle in this journey is the lack of a fit-for-purpose, drop in backend service that any platform, exchange or retailer can run on their own infrastructure that provides a modern non-custodial approach to processing Dogecoin transactions.

The GigaWallet project is an open-source initiative aimed at filling that gap by providing a node / API solution that can be set up in seconds and allow a developer to add Dogecoin transactions to their platform, as easily as they might with any polished payment provider.

The GigaWallet aims to provide two levels of API, the first for processing and validating traditional Dogecoin transactions, with a modern event-architecture ready to connect with message queues and web APIs. The second will be APIs to integrate with the proposed Dogecoin Keyring App & SDK. This is a mobile-first solution that will allow platforms that use the GigaWallet to issue charges directly from their Apps to the Dogecoin Keyring App for approval by the user. This is important because it puts the ownership of keys back in the hands of the user, without removing a platform’s ability to transact Dogecoin.

We believe that providing both halves of the solution as an open-source project, backend as well as ready-to-integrate mobile SDK for making Dogecoin payments, will rapidly accelerate the uptake of Dogecoin by retailers, social media platforms, game developers and more.