Such Core, Much Development, Wow.

We are happy to announce the institution of a new community Dogecoin Core development fund, managed by existing core developers and Dogecoin Foundation board director signatories, along with transparency blog posts forthcoming for all expenditures and developments. The Dogecoin Foundation has taken the step of moving 5,000,000 Dogecoin to the development fund, with the intent that this will be allocated to Dogecoin Core, the development of which is critical and to the benefit of the Dogecoin ecosystem.

This is a new, segregated multi-signature wallet, designed to transparently manage a sum of 5,000,000 DOGE. The DOGE held in this wallet will disburse rewards to developers of Dogecoin Core for work on all contributions, no matter how big or small.

This new multi-signature wallet will be operated by Dogecoin Core developers and members of the Dogecoin Foundation. The wallet is secured with a three out of five signature threshold, with the following custodians:

  • chromatic (Dogecoin Core developer)
  • Marshall Hayner (Dogecoin Foundation Board)
  • Michi Lumin (Dogecoin Core developer, Dogecoin Foundation Board)
  • Patrick Lodder (Dogecoin Core developer)
  • Ross Nicoll (Former Dogecoin Core developer)

The address can be found here:


The wallet shall operate as follows:

  1. With every major or minor release of Dogecoin Core, 500,000 DOGE shall be distributed among all contributors credited in the release notes since the previous major or minor release, exclusively. A release must meet a threshold of at least 25 non-whitespace/comment-only pull requests to qualify as a major or minor release. These are the only permissible transfers out from this wallet.
  2. The height of the payout for each individual contributor will be weighed based on the process used for the Dogecoin Core tip jar, to minimize duplication of work, or based thereon if no functional Dogecoin Core tip jar exists at that time.
  3. Custodians do not have any rights to the money held in the wallet, individually or as a group.
  4. All distributions shall be publicly announced and distributed widely across social media channels to the best of the abilities of the custodians.
  5. A custodian can only request succession for their own slot but cannot nominate their successor. The remaining custodians shall publicly nominate a replacement and unanimously agree on the appointment of the successor. When this process is completed in full and a successor is appointed, the custodian is relieved of all duties.
  6. If a custodian is unreachable without notice for a period of 3 months or more, the remaining custodians shall initiate a succession process under clause 5. The affected custodian shall be permitted to return to active duty until the succession process has been completed in full.

Welcome Marshall!

We would also like to welcome Marshall Hayner to the Dogecoin Foundation board of directors at this time, his consistent commitment to the Dogecoin community and the development of Dogecoin has inspired many. Marshall brings executive and technical leadership experience to the Dogecoin Foundation and has been instrumental in creating this Core development fund.

This Holiday Season the Dogecoin Foundation wants to send our warmest greetings to you and your family. We hope that you can find joy and cheer in celebrating with the ones you love and taking care of yourselves!


– The Dogecoin Foundation