The Dogecoin Foundation, established and led by members of the original core development team and long-time members of the Dogecoin community, has responsibility for providing advocacy and support for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency project.

Since 2014, the Foundation’s sole mission has been to protect and support the Dogecoin project, its reputation, and the global community of Shibes. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that Dogecoin continues to thrive, and can ultimately scale to being a widely used currency whilst simultaneously tackling changes at a pace that keeps-up with other cryptocurrencies.

On January 23rd, 2022, three members of the Foundation, Michi Lumin, Ross Nicoll, and Tim Stebbing will be participating in a video AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) with the community. The AMA will be live streamed here. In anticipation of the AMA, a short update of recent Foundation activities, all of which have been undertaken for the benefit of the Dogecoin community, includes:

  • Launching the first Dogecoin Trailmap to provide a vision for the future of the Dogecoin ecosystem.

  • Engaging with and consulting several potential commercial and non-commercial users of the GigaWallet project, gathering requirements and breaking ground on development.

  • Gathering a like-minded group of developers from the community interested in contributing to the Libdogecoin project and commencing development.

  • Establishing a team of community website and translation volunteers who are working diligently on the upcoming website and the ‘Dogepedia’ in multiple languages.

  • On-boarding long-term and previously unpaid volunteers in key functions, treating those individuals fairly and ensuring that the Dogecoin ecosystem can be resourced consistently in the future.

  • Establishing good governance and compliance principles, working with legal, accounting, and tax advisors to ensure proper use of any Foundation funds only for the benefit of the Dogecoin community.

  • Supporting and promoting the use of Dogecoin for important charitable causes, for example with #TeamSeas, helping remove more than 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the oceans.

  • Started collaborating with non-profits that share Dogecoin’s spirit of playful discovery and learning such as Hack Club.

  • Preventing hostile parties (including large corporates) from taking over or claiming ownership of Dogecoin through, e.g., bad faith trademark registrations; or to mislead the community by pretending to be Dogecoin or be affiliated with it. For example, please see our recent tweet here

  • Ensuring that the Dogecoin name, logo, and memes remain available for the community to use freely.

  • Liaising with the community, investors, technologists and other stakeholders around the world, to devise and implement opportunities for the cryptocurrency, to future-proof it for everyone.

Importantly, all of these actions have been taken to ensure that Dogecoin remains the People’s cryptocurrency for years to come. The Foundation is dedicated, as always, to Doing Only Good Everyday. The Foundation is currently putting together a note which will provide more detail regarding the Foundation’s strategy, funding, and Tip Jar transactions. We look forward to sharing this information with you in the coming weeks.

You can read more about the Dogecoin Foundation, its members and its work at