Recently Ross made public his decision to step back from involvement in the Foundation as a Director and more generally from active development in the crypto space.

While this is news to many in the community, Ross had made his intentions clear to the Core developers almost a year ago and has been working quietly behind the scenes to create a sustainable transition for his role in the Dogecoin project.

With this in mind, Ross has been instrumental in the re-establishment of the Dogecoin Foundation in 2021. The Foundation has been set up to ensure that Dogecoin prospers into the future through a diverse ecosystem of projects and teams, working in collaboration toward making Dogecoin a long-term sustainable cryptocurrency.

While this may be seen as a loss for the Dogecoin Community, we believe that Ross’ ongoing involvement as an Advisor will free him up to play more of an advocacy role. On behalf of the Dogecoin Foundation and the wider Dogecoin community, we salute Ross for his tireless work on maintaining the Dogecoin dream for most of the last decade.

We will miss the top hat, the easy going British humour, and the boundless wisdom in our day-to-day interactions, and we wish Ross a bright and happy future as he continues to Do Only Good Everyday.

– The Dogecoin Foundation crew.