Neither the Dogecoin project, the Dogecoin Foundation or any affiliated developers or entities have partnered with MoonRabbit AngoZaibatsu or any affiliated entities, including the purported Dogecoin Foundation using the domain This purported organisation and domain are, as far as we have been able to ascertain, run by the same people who run MoonRabbit AngoZaibatsu.

As such, any claim of “partnering up” appears to be designed to create a false appearance of partnership and association with the long-established Dogecoin project and Dogecoin Foundation.

We should also note that the MoonRabbit AngoZaibatsu corporation is actively attempting to register a trademark for the “Dogecoin” name in both Europe as well as the United States. The Dogecoin Project and the Dogecoin Foundation are actively in the process of opposing these and other bad faith attempts to register such trademarks on the grounds that those entities have no connection to Dogecoin and are attempting to profit unfairly off of the goodwill Dogecoin has built over the last eight years since its inception.

Please be assured that we are making all necessary investigations to ascertain the facts in this rapidly evolving matter. For the avoidance of doubt, enquires should be directed to members of the Dogecoin Project, the Dogecoin Core developers, and the Dogecoin Foundation only through channels listed on either or and not through any other email, social media acccount or website purported to be affiliated with Dogecoin.