Project: makeover & Dogepedia

Dogecoin logo Dogecoin logo makeover.

Volunteers from the Doge Army have come together from all over the world to work on a re-design of the website. Bluezr, CB & Florian along with the amaze Hack Club teens Belle, Ella & Sam have been building out a whole new site which has a stack of new information: from links to current projects and teams, to information on the network and how you can get involved as a coder, a miner, a HODLr or a fan!


One of the key parts of the re-design will be the Dogepedia section. Good Shibes MishaBoar & Richard have scoured Reddit, Twitter and the net to compile a list of FAQs that can grow over time and become a real resource for the community.

Our hope is that by making each Q&A a directly link-able page, we’re arming the Doge Army with the tools to destroy FUD wherever they find it!

When Moon?

Expect to see a preview up in January for community feedback and if all is well, a shiny new website shortly after. Wow!