About Us

The Dogecoin Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation created for and by the members of the worldwide Dogecoin community and is incorporated under the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Our purpose is to facilitate the continuing prosperity of Dogecoin through promotional and charitable endeavors and we seek to foster and expand the community ideals of camaraderie and playful discovery and to empower people the world over.


The Dogecoin Foundation is still in the process of getting set-up. Below you will find the Foundation's milestones until elections will be held:


  • Develop website for information and communication: completed
  • Develop support and member access options: in progress.


  • Find members willing to help with communication: postponed.
  • Establish a PR team: interim team set-up, until membership is opened.

Open Membership

  • Establishing a small set of procedures and policies for membership: completed.
  • Membership sign-up via website: in progress.


  • Bylaws: completed
  • Continue talks with UltraPro with regard to the Trademark situation: completed
  • Develop election methodology and requirements: in progress

Board of Directors

Felix von Drigalski
Jens Wiechers
Josh Mohland
Debbie Ballard
Patrick Lodder