Topic: Opening up membership to The Dogecoin Foundation - Posted: July 20, 2015

Dear Shibes,

The current Full Members of The Dogecoin Foundation have held an assembly and resolved all outstanding issues to open up membership for individual members. This means that once all decisions have been implemented operationally, shibes from all over the world can become a member of the Foundation, start and participate in projects to advance Dogecoin’s position and let their voices be heard. We hope that opening up will help us overcome our current shortage in human resources and allow us to perform in a more timely fashion than we have done so far.

The Dogecoin Foundation has two levels of membership for individuals, Associate Member and Full Member, designed to accommodate different needs we observed in the community.

Associate Members can be of any age, do not have to disclose personal information and can enter membership with a (fictitious) handle and a working email address. Associate Members get access to the Foundation’s resources and can participate in project committees but do not have the right to vote or attend general member assembly. The fee for becoming an Associate Member is USD 6.00 annually.

Full members need to disclose their full name and address, have to be 18 years or older as required by law, and sign a confidentiality agreement but are not required to disclose any aliases or social media handles. Full Members have full voting rights, the right to full disclosure of information and are eligible for positions as Officer or be electable as a Director of the Foundation. The fee for becoming a Full Member is USD 24.00 annually.

In order to allow for a smooth transition from the current small group of Full Members to a much bigger organization and to be able to settle new members in properly, hard limits are in place for the initial intake of members. Initially, The Dogecoin Foundation will welcome at most 201 Full Members and 500 Associate Members. Any applications received after a limit is reached is put on hold until either a slot is vacated or the limits are adjusted.

What’s next:

  1. Writing the legal paperwork for full members: in progress
  2. Finalizing development and testing our membership administration system: in progress
  3. Prepare our systems to accept fees in Dogecoin: pending on item 2.

At this time, we estimate to announce official opening for new members on August 1st, 2015.

You can find the full minutes of the member’s assembly here

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