Topic: Such Foundation Update - Posted: October 4, 2014

Hi Shibes,

We hope everyone had a happy halvening and we'd like to share some news with you.

First off, we've uploaded the Foundation Bylaws and they are now available as PDF here.

We have successfully applied for an additional extension of two months for opposition of UltraPro's trademark registration of "Doge". The second extension was needed because we were close to the first extension deadline and research was still being done on similar cases and how best to approach it. We initially filed for the first extension at the last minute because there was no opposition recorded and, even though we were not prepared to file an opposition, we believed it was in the community's interests.

We are continuing to explore all avenues in regards to the trademark and have initiated talks with UltraPro to discuss several options, including those suggested by the community in their Q&A on /r/Dogecoin. So far, the communication with UltraPro is going smoothly. They have been very receptive and engaging.

To manage communication, we have appointed an interim Public Relations Officer, until an elected board can assign this function permanently. This should enable us to improve communications with the community and give you updates more often.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who has been sending us emails offering support and assistance, we appreciate it! To get in touch with us directly, please email us at

Milestone overview:


  • Develop website for information and communication: in progress.
  • Develop support and member access options: pending on website.


  • Find members willing to help with communication: in progress.
  • Establish a PR team: interim team set-up, until membership is opened.

Open Membership

  • Establishing a small set of procedures and policies for membership: in progress.
  • Membership sign-up via website: pending on procedures.


  • Bylaws: completed at 2014-08-24
  • Continue talks with UltraPro with regard to the Trademark situation: in progress
  • Develop election methodology and requirements: in progress

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