Topic: Such Wow, Many Work, Very Foundation - Posted: September 17, 2014

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time coming, and there haven't been a whole lot of updates, but we finally do have some good things to share with you.

However, let's begin by addressing the elephant in the room: what's been the hold up?

In short: Our daily lives. Time zones. Wanting things to be perfect.

We all have been incredibly busy, either with Dogecoin-related projects or just at our regular work and so getting everyone together in one room was sometimes difficult.

A lot of time was spent with things that were really only interesting to lawyers: reviewing and incorporating all the feedback we received on the bylaws and making sure they were still consistent, looking into compliance requirements of the State of Colorado and, last but not least, the trademark application for DOGE by UltraPro, which was an unexpected complication that needed to be addressed competently.

We have been in communications with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and have reached out to Phil Parsons Racing, Reddit and others to see how we might best address it and who might stand by the community to protect it.

The trademark issue is one of the reasons why we wanted to make sure that everything is as good as it can be and took our time: if there's a chance that things become inamicable soon, we need to ensure that no shibes are harmed by this.

Another reason for delays was that we really underestimated the time all the procedural things would take, given that we're in so many time zones and from all walks of life; and eventually, we got trapped into thinking: "okay, let's complete this small step, and this, and fix this, and then we can finally tell everyone."

These things aren't what the Foundation is about - or should be about - but they are important as a starting point to make sure that it can be about the things the community cares for in the future.

To our dismay, the best way to communicate progress in a way everyone can see - a website - has gotten pushed back due to lack of manpower, which led to us never quite getting around to telling you about it all until now.

We should have prioritized communications more and we really should have invited more help with that. If you are a good web developer and/or designer and would like to help: please get in touch, we really need you.

We will make sign-up available soon, the 28th is our target, allowing everyone to become a part of the Foundation and hear about any news without delay.

Things took far longer than they should have, and we know that it must have been incredibly frustrating, but we want to express a heartfelt thanks to you guys for being patient and will be updating you all more regularly from now on. :-)

If we can answer any questions, feel free to ask. If you think you can help (see below) and really have at least an hour or two available every one or two days for the next couple of months, get in touch with us at

For now, here are our current milestones:


  • Develop website for information, communication: in progress
  • Develop support and member access options: in progress


  • Find Members willing to help with communication: in progress (please apply!)
  • Establish a PR team: waiting for applications


  • Membership sign-up via website needs to be implemented


  • Continue outreach to EFF and other parties who may be able to advise us with regard to the Trademark situation: in progress
  • Bylaws: completed (2014-08-24)
  • Develop election methodology and requirements: in progress

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