Topic: Announcing new Dogecoin Foundation - Posted: July 1, 2014

Dear fellow Shibes,

After a good solid month of hard work and effort on our behalf and yours, it is with great pleasure that we get to stand here today and announce the formation of your new Dogecoin Foundation!

This first group of temporary board members has been put in place to help ensure that our Foundation has a solid base and ensure a smooth transition to a proper leadership election within the next 3 months.

The people who have stepped forward to help oversee this transition are Shibes that many of you will know very well in this community.

So, without further ado, your new Foundation board is:

  • Felix von Drigalski
  • Jens Wiechers
  • Steven Hirschmann
  • Josh Mohland
  • Debbie Ballard

Together they will be putting together and posting online a roadmap of what they will be working on to help keep everyone in the loop and involved with their progress.

We'd also like to thank HearstDoge for all of his help in getting the legal framework sorted, and Fulvio55, GoodShibe, PatrickLodder, RedStarDawn, SGBE, Very Charity and all the others who offered helpful comments and critiques, for their assistance in integrating your suggestions.

Thank you, all of you, for helping us, for working with us and believing that it could be done.

To the moon!

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